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Now that you've calculated your Weight Watchers Points using the Weight Watchers Point Calculator, you'll need to take care of each product. The individual products each have different numbers of points and are summarized in the list below.

Weight Loss with Weight Watchers Zero Point Food

It is very important that you adhere strictly to the given points table, only so it is possible to get rid of the extra pounds. Here you will find matching WeightWatchers coupons.

Bread and Rolls

Bread, each variety, 1 slice2
Baguette rolls, 1 piece4
Rolls, each variety2
Croissant, 1 piece8.5
Flatbread, 1 corner, 50g2
Crispbread, 1 slice0.5
Black bread1.5
Toast bread, 1 slice, 20g1
Braid, 1 slice, 50g3.5
Rusk, 1 slice0.5


Peanut cream, 1 tsp, 5g1
Jam 1 tsp, 5g0
Jam 2 tsp, 10g0.5
Honey, 1 tsp, 5g0
Honey, 2 tsp, 10g0.5
Nut nougat cream 1 tsp, 5g0.5
Plum jam, 3 tsp0.5
Sugar beet syrup 2 tsp, 10g0.5


Apple compote / -mus with sugar, 2 tsp0.5
Crêpe, 1 piece, 70g4
Steamed noodle, 1 small, 50g3.5
Fruit cocktail, 1 tbsp, 20g, canned0.5
Fruit cream, 1 small dessert bowl, 150g7
Fruit salad, with sugar, 2 tablespoons, 40g0.5
Jelly with sugar, 100g5
Semolina pudding, 150g4
Rice pudding, 125g2
Mocha / chocolate sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml0.5
Mousse au Chocolat, 125g10.5
Tiramisu, 150g8
Vanilla / shock shop pudding, 125g3
Vanilla sauce, 1 tbsp, 20 ml0.5
Wine cream, 125g7


Ice cream with fruit & cream, 1 small Mug, 170g8.5
Ice cream, 1 scoop, 50g2.5
Iced coffee, 1 glass, 200ml5.5
Fruit Ice Cream / Milk Ice Cream, 1 scoop, 50g1.5
Soft ice cream with waffle, 1 piece, 100g3
Sorbet, 1 glass, 200ml4
Water ice on a stick, 1 piece, 110ml1
Ice cream on a stick with chocolate coating, 1 piece8

Fats & Oils

Butter, 1 tsp, 5g1
Butter, medium fat, 1TL, 5g0.5
Mayonnaise, 20% fat, 2 tsp0.5
Mayonnaise, 50% fat, 1 tsp0.5
Mayonnaise, 80% fat, 1 tsp1
Plant Cream, 1 Tl, 5g1
Vegetable margarine, reduced fat, to 60% fat, 2 tsp1.5
Vegetable margarine, medium fat, 1 tsp0.5
Vegetable oil, 1 tsp, 5g1
Remoulade, up to 65% fat, 1 tsp1
Lard, 1 tsp, 5g1.5


Eel, fresh, 1 portion, 100g raw7.5
Eel, smoked, 1 slice, 40g3.5
Oysters, 3 pieces, 50g0.5
Bismark herring, 1 piece, 110g6
Brathering, 1 smaller, 100g5
Kipper, smoked, 1/2 small, 110g6
Egli, 10 fillets, 150g raw2
Fish, low-fat, eg. Shellfish, salmon, 1 small Filet, 150g raw2
Fish fillet, breaded, ready to eat, 1 piece, 150g7
Fish sticks, 1 piece, 30g1
Trout, smoked, 1 small Fillet, 60g1.5
Trout, fresh, 1 small, 300g raw6
Trout, TK, 1 piece, 200g raw4
Shrimp, without shell, 5 middlegr. Pieces, 30g0.5
Halibut, black, smoked, 1 cl. Fillet, 100g5.5
Halibut, black, fresh, 1 cl. Filet, 125g raw4.5
Halibut, white, 1 cl. Filet, 125g raw2
Herring in jelly, 1 piece, 150g raw6
Herring, fresh, 1/2 fish, 90g raw5
Herring fillet in cream sauce, 1 fillet, 60g4
Herring fillet in tomato sauce, 1/2 tin, 95g4.5
Lobster, 1 small Portion, 125g2
Cod / cod, fresh, 1 cl. Filet, 150g raw2
Carp, fresh, 1 cl. Portion, 100g raw2.5
Catfish / Steinbeisser, fresh, 125g raw2
Caviar, real, 2 tsp, 10g0.5
Caviar, substitute, 4 tsp, 20g0.5
Crabs, 1 tbsp, 25g0.5
Salmon, smoked, 1 slice, 60g2
Salmon, 1 small Steak, 125g raw3.5
Mackerel in oil, drained, 1 tbsp, 30g2
Mackerel, smoked, 1 small filet, 75g3.5
Mackerel, fresh, 1/4 piece, raw 90g4
Matje herring, 1 piece, 80g5
Mussels, 1 bag, 500g5
Oil sardines, drained, 1 tbsp, 30g1.5
Rollmops, 1 piece, 80g2.5
Redfish, fresh, 1 cl. Filet, 150g raw3
Redfish, smoked, 1 small Fillet, 100g3
Anchovies in brine, 5 pieces, 25g0.5
Sardine, 1 piece, 60 g raw2
Haddock, smoked, 1 small Filet, 75g raw1
Haddock, fresh, 1 cl. Filet, 150g raw2
Schillerlocke 1/2 small, 60g4.5
Flounder, 1 filet, 70g raw1
Hake / hake, 125g raw, 1 cl. filet2
Salmon in oil, drained, 1 slice, 25g3
Sole, 1 filet, 70g raw1
Sprat, smoked, 1 piece, 15g1
Tuna, fresh, 1 cl. Fillet, 100g raw5.5
Tuna in its own juice, canned, 1 tbsp, 30g1
Octopus, 1 coat piece, 125g raw0.5

Meat & Sausage

Bacon, 1 small Piece, 10g1
Beer ham, 1 slice, 20g1
Beer sausage, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Black pudding, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Cervelat sausage, 1 slice, 20g2
Corned beef, 1 slice, 25g0.5
Meat Cheese / Leberkäse, 1 thin slice, 100g8
Meat sausage, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Frankfurter beef sausage, 1 piece, 100g6
Meatball, 1 small 100 g6
Breakfast bacon, 1 slice, 25g4.5
Minced meat, mixed, 1EL, 30g raw2
Hunting sausage, 1 slice, 20g1
Veal, lean, 1 slice, 125g raw2
Veal sausage, 1 piece, 150g11
Calf's liver sausage, 1 tbsp, 15g1.5
Comb slice of pork, 1 piece, 150g7
Kassler, 1 small Piece, 125g4
Kassleraufschnitt, 1 slice, 15g0.5
Knackwurst, 1 piece, 100g8
Salmon ham, 2 slices, 20g0.5
Lamb chop, 1 small, 80g raw4
Landhunter, 1 piece, 90g11.5
Liver, 100g raw2.5
Liver dumplings, 1 piece, 100g4.5
Liver sausage, 1 tablespoon, 15g1.5
Lyoner, 1 piece, 125g10
Lyon sausage, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Mettenden, 1 piece, 75g8
Mettwurst, 1 tbsp, 15g1.5
Mortadella, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Horse meat, lean, 125 g raw2.5
Press head, 1 disc, 30g2
Ground beef, 1 tablespoon, 30g raw1.5
Beef roulade, 1 small, 160g raw4
Beef steak, 140g raw4.5
Beef, smoked, 50g1
Roast beef, 1 slice, 20g0.5
Rostbratwurst, 1 piece, 100g10
Salami, 1 thin slice, 20g2
Ham, cooked, without fat, 20g0.5
Ham sausage, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Pork sirloin, 25g1
Roast pork, 15 g0.5
Pork, lean, 150g raw / 120 cooked3
Minced pork, 1 tbsp, 30g raw2
Sparkling cutlet, 1 piece, 150g raw4
Sparkling cutlet breaded, 1 piece, 150g raw7.5
Pork schnitzel, 150g raw3
Pork sausage, 1 piece, 150g raw12.5
Tea sausage, 1 tbsp, 15g2
White sausage, 1 piece, 60g4.5
Vienna sausages, 1 piece, 70g6
Wild, lean, 125g raw3
Tongue sausage, 1 slice, 30g2

Poultry & Poultry Products

Roast chicken, with skin, 1/2, 370g12.5
Fried chicken, skinless, 1/2, 280g5
Duck, with skin, 150g raw8.5
Duck breast, without skin, 150g5.5
Goose, with skin, 150g10.5
Goose, without skin, 150g5
Goose leg, 300g raw11
Chicken breast, smoked, 1 slice, 20g0.5
Poultry cake, 100g6
Chicken liver, 100g raw2.5
Chicken liver sausage, 1 tbsp, 15g1
Poultry Mortadella, 1 slice, 20g1
Chicken Salami, 1 slice, 20g1.5
Poultry Schnitzel / -filet, 1 small Piece, 120g raw2
Poultry sausage cut, 1 slice, 20g1
Chicken leg with skin, 1 leg5.5
Chicken leg without skin, 1 thigh2.5
Turkey schnitzel, breaded, 150g4.5
Ostrich meat, 120g raw2
Soup chicken, 1 small Portion, 150g6.5

Vegetables & Legumes

Artichokes, eggplants, bamboo shoots, lettuce0
Celery, Cauliflower, Beans, Broccoli, Chicory0
Chinese cabbage, fennel, vegetable juice, kale0
Cucumbers, garlic, kohlrabi, herbs0
Pumpkin, carrots, peppers, mushrooms0
Leek, radishes, rhubarb, Brussels sprouts0
Red cabbage, beetroot, beets, sauerkraut0
Black salsify, asparagus, spinach, tomatoes0
Cabbage, savoy cabbage, zucchini, onion0
Sugar peas, 1 handful, 50g0.5
Olives, 5 pieces0.5
Corn, canned, 2 tbsp, 50g0.5
Legumes, eg. Lentils, peas, kidney beans, 1 tbsp0.5

Drinks, non-alcoholic

Non-alcoholic beer, 200ml1
Apple juice spritzer, 200ml0.5
Bitter lemon, 200ml1
Cappuccino with milk, 1 cup, 150ml1
Cola, 200ml2
Cola Light0
Diet Multivitamin Juice, 200ml0.5
Ice tea, 200ml1
Energy drinks, 200ml1.5
Fruit tea0
Fruit juice, 200ml1
Ginger Ale, 200ml1
herbal tea0
Light drinks, tomato juice, water, bottled water, mineral water0
Cocoa, chocolate, 1 gr. Cup, 200ml5
Tea & Fruit, with sugar, 200ml1

Drinks, alcoholic

Cider, 200ml1.5
Berlin White with Schucc, 250ml2
Radler, Alster, 200ml1
Beer, any variety (except strong beer), 330ml2.5
Bock beer, 200ml2
Punch, punch, 200ml3.5
Campari, 100ml1
Cognac, 20ml1
Dessert wine, 50ml1.5
Mulled wine, 200ml3.5
Liqueur, each variety, 20ml1
Malt beer, 200ml2
Rum, 20ml1
brandy, each variety, 20ml1
Sparkling wine, champagne, each variety, 100ml1.5
Sherry, 50ml1
Wine, heavy & sweet, 100ml1.5
Wine, dry, 100ml1
Brandy, 20ml1
Wine spritzer, 200ml1
Wheat beer, 500ml4
Absinthe, sweet, 50ml1.5
Absinthe, dry, 50ml1
Whiskey, 20ml1

Cereals & Cereal Products

Cornflakes, 1 cup, 20g1
Popcorn, puffed rice, 40g2
Cereal grains, 1 cup, 100g1
Semolina, dry, 1 tbsp, 20g0.5
Oat / grain flakes, 1 tbsp, 10g0.5
Millet dry, 1 tbsp, 20g1
Crunchy muesli, sweetened, roasted, 1 tbsp, 10g1
Corn, dry, eg. for popcorn, 1 tbsp, 10g0.5
Flour, each variety, 1 tsp, 10g0.5
Rice pudding, dry, 1 tbsp, 20g1
Muesli bar, 1 small, 25g2
Breadcrumbs, 1 tbsp, 10g0.5
Rice, each variety, 1 tbsp, 20g1
Rice waffle, 1 pc., 8g0.5
Chocolate Muesli, 1 tbsp, 10g1
Cornstarch, 1 tbsp, 10g0.5

Potatoes & Dumplings

Fried potatoes, 1 port., 200g7
Potato dumplings, finished product, 1 pc., 90g1.5
Potato dumplings, finished product, powder, 1 tbsp, 10g0.5
Potato dumplings, homemade, 1 pc., 100g2
Potato croquettes, ready to eat, 1 St., 30g1
Potatoes, (amount per meal, until you are full)2
Mashed potatoes, finished product, powder, 1 tbsp, 10g1
Oven French fries, 150g6.5
Potato cake, ready to eat, 1 St., 60g4.5
Röstis, 1 ST., 60g2
Dumplings, 1 St., 100g3.5
Sweet potato, 1 pc, 50g1


Camembert, Brie & other soft cheeses, 45% fat, 1 small corner, 30g1.5
Camembert, as above, only 60% fat3
Edelpilzkäse, Vollfettstufe, 45% fat, 1 small Corner, 30g2
Edelpilzkäse, Doppelrahmstufe, 65% fat, 1 small Corner, 30g4
Cream cheese, natural with herbs, 30% fat, 1 tbsp0.5
Gorgonola, 1 small Corner, 30g3
Hard cheese, for example Emmentaler, 45% fat, 1 cl. Corner, 30g2.5
Cheese, grated, eg parmesan, 30-32% fat, 1 tbsp, 8g0.5
Cooked cheese, 10% fat, 2 tsp0.5
Mozzarella, 1/2 scoop, 50g3
Raclette cheese, 60% fat, 1 slice, 30g3
Roquefort, 1 small Corner, 30g3
Sour milk cheese, eg Harzer, 1 small roll2
Sheep Cheese / Feta, 45% fat, 1 tbsp, 15g1
Processed cheese, 30% fat, 2 tablespoons, 25g1.5
Processed cheese, 45% fat, 2 tablespoons, 25g2
Processed cheese slices, 20-25% fat, 1 slice1
Sliced ??cheese, 30% fat, 1 slice, 30g2
Sliced ??cheese, 45-48% fat, 1 slice, 30g2.5
Goat's cheese, 45% fat, 1 slice, 30g2


Bread chips, each kind, 1 piece, 5g0.5
Crisps, 5 pieces, 8g1
Peanuts, roasted, 1TL, 5g1
Peanut Flips, 1 handful, 6g1
Pastry crispy with cheese, 1 St., 7g1
Grissini, bread sticks, 1 St., 5g0.5
Potato chips, 1 handful, 15g2
Nibbles, eg Party Mix, 1 handful, 10g0.5
Cracker, 5 pieces, 30g2
Almonds burned, 1 small Portion, 50g6.5
Popcorn, sweet, ready, 1 handful, 5g0.5
Salt pretzels, 5 pieces, 10g0.5
Salt sticks, 10 pieces, 10g0.5
Trail mix, 1 tbsp, 12g1.5
Whole grain spelled sesame pretzels, 5 pcs., 12g1
Wholemeal pastry sticks, 3 pieces, 15g1

Nuts & Seeds

Cashews, 5 pieces, 5g1
Peanuts, 1 tbsp, 10g1.5
Hazelnuts, 4 pieces, 5g1
Coconut, fresh, 1 St., 50g5
Pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp, 10g1.5
Linseed, 1 tsp, 5g0.5
Almonds, 4 pieces, 5g1
Nuts, ground / chopped, 1 tsp, 5g1
Brazil nuts, 1 St., 5g1
Pistachios, 7 p., 7g1
Sesame, 1 tsp, 5g0.5
Sunflower seeds, 1 tsp, 5g0.5
Walnuts, 1 pc, 5g1

Weight Watchers Score Plan Part 3

Cake & Cookies

American, 1 St., 100g4.5
Apple pie, laid, short crust pastry, 1 St., 150g7
Apple strudel from puff pastry, 1 St., 150g8.5
Strudel pastry strudel, 1 St., 150g5
Meringue, 1 St., 25g1.5
Berlin bales / pancakes, 1 pc., 60g4
Bee sting, 1 St., 25g1.5
biscuit fruit soil without topping, 1 St., 25g1.5
Biscuit cookies, 2 pieces, 10g0.5
Swiss roll, 1 St., 100g5
Puff pastry chips, 1 St., 70g5.5
Shortbread, 1 pc., 10g1
Butter biscuits, 3 pieces, 15g1
Stollen, 1 St., 100g9
Donut, 1 pc, 50g3
Double biscuit with chocolate filling, 1 St., 25g2.5
Frankfurt wreath, 1 St., 70g6
Fruit bread, 1 St., 70g5
Yeast particles / pieces, 1 pc., 65g3.5
Honey cake, 1 pc., 70g3.5
Cheesecake, 1 pc., 100g5.5
Gingerbread, 1 St., 40g3.5
Linzer Torte, 1 St., 70g7.5
Sponge biscuits, 3 pcs, 15g1
Marble cake, 1 pc, 70g7
Shortcrust pastry, tartlet, 1 St., 25g25g
Mutzen, 1 small Bag, 100g6
Poppy seed cake, 1 pc., 100g7
Nut corner, 1 St., 110g12.5
Nut cake, 1 pc, 50g5.5
Fruit cake, yeast dough, 1 pc., 150g4
Fruit cake, shortcrust pastry, 1 St., 150g7
Fruit cake, Quarkölteig, 1 St., 150g9.5
Fruit tarts, Tortelett toppings, 1 St., 100gl4.5
Pepper nuts, 1 pc., 10g0.5
Cookies with cream filling, 2 small, 12g1.5
Cookies with chocolate, 2 small, 12g1.5
Junk with Mazipan, 1 St., 20g8.5
Printen, 1 St., 20g2
Russian bread, 3 pieces, 15g1
Black Forest cake, 1 St., 120g7
Black and white biscuits, 1 St., 10g1
Pork ears, puff pastry, 1 St., 70g8
Speculoos, 1 St., 10g1
Springerle, 1 piece, 10g0.5
Pastry, 1 St., 10g1
Stollen, Dresdner, 1 St., 100g9>
Crumble cake, yeast dough, 1 St., 70g5.5
Wholemeal biscuit, without chocolate / cream, 3 small St., 20g2
Waffle, freshly prepared, 1 pc, 100g6.5
Cinnamon stars, 1 St., 15g1
Lemon cake, 1 pc, 70g6.5

Milk & Dairy Products

Buttermilk, 1 glass, 250ml1.5
Buttermilk with fruits, 250ml3
Creme Fraiche, 1 tsp, 5g0.5
Thick milk, 250ml3.5
Yoghurt with fruit, up to 0.4% fat, 1 cup, 150g1.5
Yoghurt with fruit, up to 3.5% fat, 150g3
Natural yoghurt, skimmed, 0.1% fat, 180g1.5
Yoghurt drink with fruit, 1 bottle, 330ml3
Coffee cream, 10% fat, 3 tsp, 15g0.5
Coffee whitener, 1 tsp, 5g0.5
Kefir, up to 1.5% fat, 250ml2
Kefir, up to 3.5% fat, 250ml3.5
Condensed milk, 4-7% fat, 4 tsp, 20ml0.5
Condensed milk to 12% fat, 2 tsp, 10ml0.5
Skimmed milk powder, 3 tsp, 15g1
Milk, skimmed, 0.3% fat, 250ml1.5
Milk, low fat, 1.5% fat, 250ml2
Milk, full fat, 3.5% fat, 250ml3.5
Whey, 1 glass, 250ml1
Whey powder, each variety, 1 tbsp, 15g1
Cream / cream, liquid, up to 30% fat, 2 tablespoons, 30ml2.5
Cream yoghurt, each variety, 1 cup, 150g4
Cream yoghurt, each variety, 1 cup, 250g7
Sour cream / sour cream, 24% fat, 1 tbsp, 15g1
Quark, natural with herbs, 0.1% fat, 3 tablespoons, 75g1
Quark, Semi-fat, 20% fat, 1 tbsp, 25g1
Whole cream, 35% fat, 1 tbsp, 15g1.5

Pasta, Pizza & Co

Cannelloni, dry, 1 pc, 10g0.5
Tarte, Alsatian, 1 portion18
Glass noodles, ready to eat, 1 cup, 120g2
Gnocchi, finished product, 1 serving, 125g4.5
Lasagna plates, dry, 1 pc, 20g1
Maultaschen, ready to eat, 1 St., 50g2
Pasta, each variety, ready to eat, 1 cup, 120g2
Pizza Margherita, TK, 1/2 Pizza about 150g7
Pizza with vegetables, TK zb.Spinat, mushrooms, 1/2 pizza about 180g8.5
Pizza Salami, TK, 1/2 Pizza, about 160g10
Ravioli, ready to eat, 1 cup, 125g2
Schupfnudeln, ready to eat, 1 tbsp, 30g0.5
Spaetzle, ready to eat, 1 tbsp, 30g1
Tortellini, ready to eat, 1 cup, 120g2


Pineapple, apple, apricot, berries any variety0
Pear, strawberries, grapefruit, guava0
Banana, 1 small, 100g1
Banana chips, unsweetened, with fat, 1 serving, 40g2
Date, fresh, 2 St., 12g0.5
Figs, fresh, 1 pc., 50g0.5
Carambola, kiwi, mandarin, melon, nectarine0
Cherries, 8 pcs, 50g0.5
Litchi, 4 hours, 50g0.5
Preserved fruit with sugar, 1 serving, 150g2
Fruit slices, unsweetened, dried, 1 serving, 40g1.5
Orange, papaya, peach, quince, tangerine0
Mango, 1/2 small Fruit, 100g1
Mirabelle, 3 pieces, 60g0.5
Plums, 1 St., 50g0.5
Reineclauden, 3 St., 60g0.5
Raisins, 2 tbsp, 14g0.5
Dried fruit, each variety, 1 pc., 20g0.5
Grapes, 1 handful, 100g1
Plum, 2 pcs., 50g0.5


Meat salad with mayonnaise, 1 tbsp, 30g2.5
Chicken salad with mayonnaise, 1 tbsp, 30g2.5
Herring salad, 1 tbsp, 30g1.5
Potato salad with mayonnaise, 1 tbsp, 30g1.5
Potato salad with oil, 1 tbsp, 30g1
Coleslaw without cream, 3 tablespoons, 60g0.5
Pasta salad, 1 tbsp, 30g2
Rice salad with tuna, 1 tablespoon, 30g2
Tomato / cucumber salad with cream, 1 tbsp, 30g0.5
Waldorf salad with mayonnaise, 1 tbsp, 30g1
Sausage salad, 1 tablespoon, 30g2.5

Sauces & Dressings

Bechamel sauce, 1 eL, 20ml0.5
Roast sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml0.5
Chilli sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml1
Chutney, 1 eL, 20ml0.5
Cocktail dressing, 1 tbsp, 20ml3.5
Fix for salad dressing, 1 packet, 10g0.5
Fondue sauces, 1 tbsp, 20ml0.5
Frankfurter sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml1
French dressing, 1 tbsp, 15ml1
Barbecue sauce, 1 tablespoon, 20ml0.5
Minced meat sauce, 1 tbsp, 30ml1
Instant sauces, dry, 1 tbsp, 10g1
Italy dressing, 1 eL, 15ml0.5
Hunter's sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml0.5
Yogurt dressing, 1 tbsp, 15ml0.5
Cheese sauce, 1 tablespoon, 20ml0.5
Ketchup, 1 tbsp, 20ml0.5
Letcho, 2 tablespoons, 40ml0.5
Cream sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml1.5
Salad dressing with oil, 1 tbsp, 15ml2
Salad dressing without oil0
Salsa sauce, 3 tablespoons, 60ml0.5
Hollandaise sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml2.5
Sauce binder, instant powder, 1 tbsp, 15g0.5
Mustard sauce, 1 tbsp, 20ml0.5
Tomato sauce, 2 tablespoons, 40ml0.5
Vinaigrette (vinegar and oil), 1 tbsp, 15ml1

Weight Watchers Score Plan Part 4


Candy, each variety, 1 pc., 5g0.5
Candy without sugar, each variety, 3 pcs, 15g0.5
Domino, 1 St., 12g1
fruit or wine gum, 1 piece, 10g0.5
Fruit bars / cuts, 1 St., 50g5
Stuffed confectionery, chocolates, 1 St., 12g1.5
Jelly fruit, 1 St., 10g0.5
Cereal bar with chocolate coating, 1 bar, 30g3.5
Gummy bears, 5 pcs., 10g0.5
Caramel Sweet, 1 St., 5g0.5
Chewing gum, without sugar0
Chewing gum with sugar, 3 pieces, 9g0.5
Crispbread with chocolate, 20g2
Licorice, 1 small Portion, 25g1.5
Marzipan, 1 small St., 25g2.5
Marzipan potato, 1 pc, 5g0.5
Micro Bon Bons, fruit, each variety, 1 pack, 12 pieces, 27g0.5
Nougat, 1 St., 25g2.5
Easter egg, brittle, 1 St., 25g1.5
Easter egg with alcohol, 1 St., 15g2
Easter egg with cream filling, 1 St., 20g1.5
Easter egg with nougat filling, 1 pc., 20g2.5
Praline, 1 St., 12g1
Rum balls, 1 pc, 20g2
Salmiakpastillen, 1 small Bag, 40g2
Foam kisses, 1 pc., 20g2
Foam sugar, 1 small Portion, 20g1
Chocolate, each variety, 1 pc., 7g1
Chocolate, 10 pieces, 10g1
Chocolate bar, eg KitKat, Lion, 1 St.5
Sweet cuts, 1 St., 30g3.5
Grape sugar sweets, 3 pcs, 7g0.5
Brandy Bean, 1 St., 8g1

Vegetarian products & Egg

Egg, 1 pc, 50g2
Fried egg, fried with fat, 1 pc., 60g1.5
Soy dessert, each variety, 1 cl. Portion, 150g2.5
Soy drink with sugar, each variety, 1 glass, 250ml4
Soymilk, 1 glass, 250ml2
Soy sausage, 1 pc, 45g2
Tofu / soy cheese, 1 slice, 25g0.5
Vegetarian tofu wedges, 1 pc., 100g4.5

Seasonings & Ingredients

Flavors, baking wafers, baking oil, vinegar0
Apple syrup, 2 tsp, 10ml0.5
Pear syrup, 4 tsp, 20ml0.5
Broth, Broth, Instant, 4 tsp, 20g0.5
Croutons for salad, finished product, 1 tbsp, 5g0.5
Funds, gelatin, gelin, vegetable broth, spices0
Fructose, 1 tbsp, 15g1
Gelierzucker, 1 tablespoon, 15g1
Yeast / extract, capers, horseradish0
yeast fresh dough (finished product), 1 serving, 45g2
Cocoa powder, with sugar, 1 tbsp, 10g1
Coconut milk, fresh, 1 glass, 200ml1
Herblings, 1 St., 10g1
Mocha beans, 2 pcs., 3g0.5
Orangeat, 1 package, 100g5
Pepper sauce, mustard, soy sauce, tomato paste0
Pizza fresh dough (finished product), 1 serving, 45g2.5
Pudding powder, each variety, 1 tbsp, 15g0.5
Fried onions, 1 eL, 5g0.5
Cream stabilizer, 1 pack, 9g0.5
Seabuckthorn juice, with sugar, 1 eL, 30ml1
Syrup, each variety, 1 tbsp, 20ml1
Tortenguss, without sugar, seasoning, lemon juice0
Sugar, each variety, 1 tsp, 3g0
Sugar, each variety, 1 tbsp, 15g1

Eat Outdoors

Baguette with salami, 1 St., 150g8.5
Roll with cheese, 1/2 piece, 60g4
Currywurst with sauce, 1 portion14
Baked potatoes with sour cream / herb quark, 1 portion6
Gyros, 1 small portion7.5
Crab rolls, 1 piece7.5
Milkshake vanilla, 1 small Portion, 300ml7.5
Pizza, 1 corner, 100g5
Salad Nice (with tuna and egg), 1 small portion5
Hawaiian toast, 1 serving6.5
Tomato soup, 1 small portion2.5
Turkish pizza, 1 serving7
Big Mac, 1 piece11.5
Cheeseburger, 1 piece6.5
Chicken McNuggets, 6 pieces5
Doner kebab14
Meatball, 1 small6
Hamburger, 1 piece5
French fries, 1 medium portion9.5
Rostbratburst, 1 piece, 100g10
Shish kebab, 1 skewer6.5
Pork sausage, 1 piece12.5
Vienna sausages, 1 piece6